When the student is ready the teacher appears

Hello my lovely friends I do hope I find you very well today. My name is Malachi’s mum and I am a happy single mama to an energetic two year old. I will be sharing with you my whole entire life which is my journey as a happy single mum. Being a single mum has its ups and downs and it can be really sticky coated with honey and sugar. A very good friend of mine convinced me to start this blog saying I have to share with the world the lovely journey I am traveling with my dear son Malachi. I have learnt a lot of things actually I am still learning a lot everyday is a learning curve when you are parent to a toddler. I chose to be a single parent and I know probably you are thinking I either adopted or had invitro but no I actually chose to stay single after I had my son. I will tell you this story some other day. Today I want to share with you something special I learned a couple of days ago. This good friend of mine that I mentioned earlier has been my rock who has guided and inspired me through this whole mummy journey. He shared with me a special piece of advice that made me change my attitude towards my son. My son recently found out that he can do a lot of ‘illegal’ things with his little body (I use the word illegal loosely). He plays with water regularly and half of the time he is wet and he likes playing with dirt. To me I honestly thought he was being plain mischievous only to find out that there is no such thing called mischief. Yes I was also shocked the same way you are right now. I confided in my good friend and he told me the most enlightening thing ever. He told me about an animal called attention deficit which causes children particularly toddlers to rebel. Children need attention this is why they try by all means to get your attention by doing things you as a parent condone. This deficiency can also be found in teenagers too and young adults. When I learnt this humbling truth my heart felt a sense of reassurance that my child needs my attention frequently. Being a single mum I’m two parents in one and giving my son the attention that he needs is still a learning curve. It is sometimes challenging but at the end of the day fulfilling. So a piece of helpful advice to my fellow parents out there is, giving your children the love that they need especially the attention. It is important for their growth as it molds their esteems into healthier and more confident young beings. As I am writing right now my son is on top of my TV set trying to get my attention lol. That being said I’ll be talking to you folks soon. Stay parenting and stay blessed!


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