My top 5 favourite life quotes…

Hello my beautiful friends I hope you are having a splendid day so far. Today is a special day for me and I want to talk to you about my five most inspiring life quotes that have helped me grow, learn and achieve my goals. These quotes inspire me on a daily basis, they are stuck on my vision wall. Inspiration is the key to success alongside determination self-discipline and hard work. We are not always inspired and its okay to feel unmotivated but its not okay to stay unmotivated because even on our longest days life is pretty short. Be sure to definitely like, share and let me know some of your favourite quotes. I live to inspire and get inspired by you.

1. “Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey



It is beyond important to surround yourself with people that enable you to succeed in one area or more in your life. There is an old saying that says “Show me your friends and I will tell you your character.” I have recently realized the importance of company when I started learning deeply about the transference of energy from one being to the other. I am all about living a positive inspiring life that is filled with abundance. My friends should reflect my abundance not only financially but also spiritually and emotionally. I should be able to count on them to lift me up when life sucks. Same applies to me they should also be able to depend on me when they need a helping hand. Choose your tribe wisely!

2. “I am grateful to be a woman, I must have done something great in another life.” – Dr. Maya Angelou


I am more than grateful to be a woman and its such a blessing to be able to carry the world and its wonderful ornaments. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the most High. Being a woman is a gift that’s forever giving generation after generation. We have graced palaces raised Kings and Queens built nations turned houses into homes. Whatever a real woman touches turns into gold because WE ARE GOLD! To be honest I do not wish to be a man simply because I see my own greatness as a woman and I define my beauty. We have loudly some silently written history in all its amazing glory. I am proud to be a woman, are you?

3. “Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share.” – Steve Harvey


Failing is not the end . You need to understand the gift that is hidden in failing at something in your life. You are drawing closer and closer to your dream if you fail often. It is important to fail forward by learning from the mistakes you made. I love failing at something that I put my heart into because I’m gaining experience, knowledge and wisdom in that particular area of my life. My life is filled with a lot of mistakes and lessons learned. Your mistakes make you who you are supposed to be, they mold you into being a better you and they shield you from impending doom because when you know better you do better.

4. “That’s why I think my life turned out as good as it has. Because all the time, I’m just trying to have fun.” – Tiffany Haddish


We get so obsessed with chasing success and wanting to have a seat at the ‘table’ so much that we forget to have fun in the process of becoming great. I love having fun I love doing activities that ignite my soul and fuel my heart. Having fun is needed on a daily basis it is a basic necessity that enables us as human beings to fully function at the highest level. the whole creation process to create anything you want in life is a fun activity. It includes imagining whatever you want, believing you already have that thing and receiving it. My favourite game is called Make Believe and its all about acting like you already have what you want. This is so much fun I tell, kids are pretty good at this game. Get a few tips from them lol.

5. “So you never know who you touch. You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else.” – Denzel Washington


It is important to always aspire to be a good example because you will never know when you might touch a soul in the calamity of living your dear life. Be present in every moment and above all be grateful to God for giving you such a gift of your purpose. Your greatest legacy is not the financial aid you leave for people your greatest legacy is imprinted in the people you touch on a daily basis, the lives you change and the destinies you create. Be conscious of who, what and why you do certain things because at the end of the day its not what you leave for people, its what you leave in them that matters.



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