Bittersweet journey

Being in the prime years of my son’s life is such a total bliss and I cherish every single moment that God blesses us. I am a very active mother to a star boy who is my own definition of happiness. He is now 3 and half years and it has been a glorious journey. Malachi is one of the reasons I never give up on my dreams and aspirations his mere presence pushes me to be the best version of me. The whole idea of single parenthood is a bittersweet journey and it is very demanding in all its glory. My boy is now in the phase where he is very inquisitive about almost everything going on around his magical world. You remember when I mentioned in my other previous posts that I dread the day when he will ask me why me and his dad didn’t work, well the day is nearer than I thought.


My son is a very intelligent boy who seeks answers to why certain things happen the way they do. Sometimes to be honest it is very overwhelming and I sometimes struggle to give answers to his rather wise questions. One day innocently he asked me why I was always watching inspirational stuff and I answered him without giving it much thought. I said because I like to be always happy. Little did I know he was going to ask me an important question and he asked him ‘Asi you are not happy nhai mama’. At that moment I realized that my son was pretty brainy as he always asks these follow up questions. Sometimes it’s annoying but I realized that I needed to exercise my patience muscle. As a parent you are obliged to listening to your child and give the best answers to their innocent questions because in true honesty you are the most direct influence.


I have committed myself to giving my son only the best of everything in my capacity at that time because I realized that I influence his little world a big deal. Having a male figure for him to look up to is absolutely important because it will shape the man that he will become. At the moment my older brother is the ever present influence that he has. It is important for him to have a role model who is a good example who will teach him right from wrong good from evil with the basis of Christianity. Sometimes to be honest I just want the time to freeze so that we both stop getting older but again I cannot wait to see him blossom into a wonderful young man. Malachi is growing so fast on a daily basis and its cute to watch him learn some things by himself. His first bike ride I promise you my heart was literally in my hands I was terrified that he would fall dramatically and hurt his little body. Well he did fall but not as dramatic as I imagined he would and that’s how he learned to ride his little bicycle. I want to tell a parent out there that it is okay to let our children learn somethings by themselves because that is what strengthens their inner core and that is how they grow to be strong people.


I am always learning new things when it comes to parenting Malachi and my recent lesson is that of developing a consistent routine with him and it has bared tangible fruits. We have a night time routine whereby we gather up as a family and pray together and share how our day went. Malachi is always the most enthusiastic of us all as he is always so excited to share his very interesting day and be the first one to pray as well. Sometimes he makes me wonder if we spent the day together because his day is always different from mine yet we spent it together. It is definitely in the way he explains it with the childish but funny expressions accompanied with such innocence that lights up the whole room. I am truly blessed to have been entrusted by the Almighty with such a beautiful soul, I am forever grateful. Thank you guys for being consistent by showing me your love I am blessed to have you in my dear life. Till next time stay blessed and keep loving life. Oh and by the way Addiction Avenue Part 2 series is coming soon be sure to look forward to it it’s going to blow your mind. Lots of hugs and kisses! I shall leave you as always with an inspiring quote, ‘Greatness is nothing but many small littles.’ – Proverbs


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