Addiction Avenue part 2…

Coiled under my bed cover
Sweating quivering shivering
I had made a huge mistake
It felt like my whole life was over
I needed professional help a helping hand

I felt myself screaming inside
But my voice had gone from the drunken nights
I really missed my high but I had to sober up
My life in circles round and round making me feel dizzy
School had me at halo books screaming the loudest
I needed to quiet the loud voices in my head
Madness was springing up I was done
Mental illness what is that?
Is this you?

My mother’s embrace was all I needed
Confiding in her was dreadful
Sobbing I said hello and I hung up
She knew I was not myself
A mother always feels the pain in her child’s voice

Overwhelmed by emotions school was a drag
I failed to write exams too high
Not knowing redemption was near
Feeling inadequate snuff me in a bag

I became a hub of negative energy
Cold inside failing to focus on the finer things in life
Death seemed a blessing I just wanted to continue messing up my crappy life
But God was always there watching and waiting for me to come back to life..
Last part of the series is the juiciest watch out for it!
I love and appreciate you guys thank you for your unwavering support.


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