Stay in your damn lane…


Are you feeling behind in life? Somewhat left out. Its not okay to feel that way, I know you have heard a lot of people saying its okay to feel that way, well its not. Why I say so is because your life is a different path from the other person your timelines are different. Everything is different! Trust and believe that your life will turn out beautifully. I was once stuck in the whole I feel behind rut and for the longest time I used self condemnation on a daily basis. I’ll tell you this, its hard its not easy waking up and feeling like crap. The art of motivation on the other hand is simple. Stay in your lane run your own race focus on yourself. This is easier said than done with all the social media hype where you see basically everyone “flourishing”. Weddings pop up on your timeline children being born graduations being held cars being bought apartments being furnished.


I mean its a lot to take in and the pressure mounts leaving you drained and feeling somewhat behind. Don’t get me wrong its okay to be motivated by these things but never I’ll repeat this never feel the need to compete with the next person because your life scripts are totally different. We are brewing the most codependent generation of all times that’s dependent on social media as a measuring stick just to measure and guide our life success. Girl or boy seat your a$$ down and run your own race. Concentrate on if you are better than yesterday and the only competition you have is YOU! Now lets take a look at the naysayers the ones that said or still saying you will never add up to anything. Its definitely okay to be angry  to feel sad to cry. Use their negative words negative energy to build yourself up use it as fuel to motivate  you to be motivated to be the best version of yourself. I’m a strong believer in people that have had a hard time growing up because those people will spring up to be amazing people who are successful in their own beautiful way.


Don’t let instagram fool you into thinking people live a perfect life. No they don’t! They only show you the perfect parts of their life but that doesn’t  make their entire lives perfect. We all have ugly days bad hair days waking up feeling lonely anxious unwanted we all have those days but they don’t show you that because its not attractive and they are trying to maintain an ‘image’. Never think your life is the worst cause believe me it ain’t. Be grateful for the little things that you have and you will see God add more to your life. Stop chasing material fulfillment instead aspire to be spiritually fulfilled. Be a soulful being full of soul and character. Take each day as it comes block by block you will get to where you need to be. Destinies are different focus on yours and you will see that you will live a happy life which is way better than the so called perfect social media life.

If you don’t embrace who you are and accept who you are, you won’t be able to live a happy life. – Ciara

I love you guys stay blessed and above all stay in your damn lane.


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