My sanity : A poem


I made a home from the depths of his bosom
His laughter gushed out sunshine giving me hope and a sense of belonging
I was addicted to his soft gentle touch
He made me want him more and more each day
Like any high you crave for it you yearn for it all day long
The love making was magical I always used to orgasm

We became an organic team we used to orgasm at the exact same time
The thrill the fascination the caressing the slow intentional fucking
Here I was hidden in him the sparkle in his eyes and his deep sensitive voice made me wet without him even touching my breasts

My nipples erected towards his direction whenever he sucked them gently
I was wrong to fall in love with the sex more than the actual person
His scent became a part of my sanity
My wetness irrigated his manhood which made him cringe and smile at the same time
This story has no beautiful ending it flows like the ocean onward it goes
A love like this is a fatal attraction nothing more nothing less…



My beautiful people hoping life is treating you great. I want to share with you some great news. I am about to be a certified author of my new book called Vanilla Essence. It contains poems, reflections and letters. So this is a sneak peak of one of my erotic poems. Enjoy and don’t forget to like and share. Love  u guys!




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