Love liberates


When he said he wanted to leave
I helped him pack his belongings
When he said he wanted space
I gave him the keys to the door
Love does not know how to hold
Love liberates

He was not happy with me
I gave him an amazing gift of space
That is the only way I knew how to love him
Even though he did not reciprocate

It stung  a lot letting him go
But I had to liberate him from the shackles of my love
He was free  finally from my love

My love suffocated him so he says
It was too real  too genuine too authentic
But is that not the way to love anything?
Was I wrong to give it my all?
Maybe not…


I really want to thank everyone who has  supported me through my self discovery journey. This poem is my favourite and its part of my new upcoming book Vanilla essence. Please indulge!


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