Human Object


I am human I see, half human they see
You objectify me with your lustful eyes
Both men and women have the same vision
I see a whole woman You see a whole thing

My eyes mirror a different reflection
A reflection of what I desire to be
You thingify me with your words
Your diction pierces through my heart
I am human I say but you see an object

My ancestors value my humanity                                                                                                  because it is in them that I find my true identity
They see a picture perfect human
You are close enough to wound me

I watch you objectify my presence
I am not here for long so yes I deserve to be valued
Do you not see the thing in you? They ask
No! I answer I see a wholesome woman
An edified strong unconquered woman

They have turned me into a perception of a perception a thing of a thing
I own myself and at any price may I gather the pieces that make me whole
My flaws, my imperfections and above all my insane love for self

You may call me broken, battered, bruised and wounded
Yet with all my brokenness it has become a place I call home
I have become stronger in my broken places

A thing they see
A whole being I see
I laugh harder at their interpretation of me now
Because I see myself as forever whole in the presence of their interpretations.


Sometimes life gets a bit overwhelming when people see you as less of a human and more of a thing. Its such a sad reality that people are now using people rather than using things. I wrote this piece as a reflection of what people do to people objectifying them belittling them and fitting them into a box. It hurts to know that the people that are close to us are the ones that are using us to their own advantage. Knowing your worth is important in any setting wear your crown everyday and don’t let anyone enslave you! Happy reading.


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