Dysfunctional addict…

He crawls into my bed every night curling his body next to mine accompanied by his heavy breathing
He breathes into my neck gently kissing my ear
The Lord knows that i know that he is not good for me
He is a liar a cheater a dishonest disloyal man
But here i am with my stupid self laying in his bed
Pretending not to care about my own reality

I was addicted to his lying scent it made me high
I wanted it i yearned for all his disloyalty
Every time i found out about his shenanigans it made me lust for him more and more
Yes i was painfully addicted to him
I fooled myself each day walking head held high believing  my foolish mantra that he would change
Foolish me!

Waking up to the reality that men like him don’t change threw me off a cliff
Every time he came home with a bag full of lies i welcomed him with loving arms
No not your conventional love no no
I loved him with my type of love the deceitful kind
I lusted to kill that man i wanted to kill him so bad
Kill him with my words shoot him dead with my confrontations and leave him stone cold dead with my permanent departure
But i never had the courage to leave then because that is what addicts do
Some never find their way back home some do and those that do will realize that home was always you!

Hey beautiful people. I wrote a piece recently called Dysfunctional addict. Enjoy reading it and don’t be afraid to relate to it. Your dysfunctional addiction may be clothed as a situation, a place, a thing or whatever it is. I embodied a human form but it can be anything. Enjoy reading and don’t be afraid to like and share. Love you guys take care!


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