Cursed blessing: A short story

Curse and a blessing
Being beautiful has its pros and cons for sure especially in my case it has seemingly gotten me into more trouble. I am a beautiful African woman who has experienced both worlds of being showered with praise for my rare beauty but also have been cursed by the world for making men of all kinds want to marry me. My beautiful round full lips, my English nose, my thick thighs, my full butt and brown skin are my true blessings that have made me gain so much confidence in the way I present myself to the public. I was raised by my single dad who was extremely protective, he was the first man who told me how beautiful I was and how sometimes it is a curse to the world. I believed him because I did not know any other truth and I became egotistic no one had the power to tell me otherwise. Looking back I should have been more humble and let love lead. As if the universe was punishing me for my beauty I fell in love with a married man who resembled my late father in so many ways.
He was the true duplicate of him but a lot younger than my father of course. I first laid my eyes on him when I was Havana dancing at a local restaurant. He was not wearing a wedding band so I literally sighed for relief. I was enticed by his black tux that looked smoldering hot on him. Yes I love me a man who can dress well and smells mighty fine. He was all the things I looked for in a man successful rich tall handsome and very confident (such a turn on). “I could not help but stare at you sir,” I said confidently. I had to approach this rare breed I was swept away by his charisma. He was chuffed with the way I presented myself to him. “You possess a lot of confidence ma’am and that is very intriguing I must say,” he said smiling at me. This guy had dimples and sparkling eyes that were speaking volumes to me. I was super excited and I could not help but twirl around the table. I decided to leave him wanting me and I excused myself and I went to my car. Guess what? He followed me running breathless as he followed my shadow. He held my shoulder I was secretly smiling inside but my facial expression was that of someone who was startled. “I see you have bad manners, you never got to introduce yourself to me and I would love to take you for dinner sometime,” he said gently holding my left hand. I was super happy inside but my dad taught me better to always play hard to get. “Which is which? Its either I introduce myself or answer if I want to go out with you sometime,” I said with a grin. He had a hearty laugh and laughed so hard saying, “Please answer the latter ma’am,” I took his IPhone 7s that was in his hand of which surprisingly it did not have a password. This was just the universe showing me signs that I had finally found the man of my dreams. I put my number in his phone smiling at his gaze.

To be continued…

Thank you all for  your unwavering support stay tuned for part 2.


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