Love is…


Love is in the air this beautiful month of love February. I feel it everywhere I go I feel it in my heart, in my bones, in my mind. It’s such a beautiful feeling feeling loved all the time. I was blessed to be born in this beautiful month and the cherry on top is that my son was also born in this very month. We are three days apart! How glorious is that? Today I wna talk about self love, what it is and how we can benefit immensely from it. What is love? Well love for me has different forms and the best description of love for me is from the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13. For me it clearly describes the essence of love. One thing I have noticed as human beings is that we expect others to do a better job of loving us than ourselves. We go far and beyond in search of love yet it’s something that is already in us. We fail to love ourselves because we are our greatest critics! We label ourselves unworthy of our own love. This is all subconscious mind you, the results of this thought pattern are visible in things like self-condemnation, self-sabotage.

Okay before we go deep into the effects of not loving ourselves let’s look at what the Bible says love is. It says love is patient. Back to us, are you patient with yourself? We tend to be very impatient with ourselves especially when it comes to progressing in life. We feel we are running out of time and we are always behind. For some weird reason we are sooo hard on ourselves. Why though? It is because we set an unrealistic bar for ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen when you love yourself you are patient with yourself, you give yourself grace periods because that is what love is all about. The Bible continues to say love is kind! Are you kind to yourself? When you are kind to yourself you care a lot about your well-being and this includes your mental health, body health and soul health. Being at peace with yourself, having to have forgiven yourself of your past transgressions plays a huge part in showing yourself kindness and maintaining a peace of mind. When you are kind to your body you are conscious about what you eat and drink. You are not easily swept into addictions that affect your health because you genuinely care about yourself. Are you kind to yourself? Feed your glow ladies by eating and drinking right. Take good care of that beautiful temple of yours. Exercise those muscles go for that jog go for that walk with your dog. It’s all an expression of self-love!


The Bible says love does not envy. Envy envy envy. Being envious kills our sanity especially in this social media era we are more envious than any generation to ever live. Scrolling down on Instagram you see your peers living these lavish lifestyles and you start thinking oh boy I am totally missing out on life. No you are not sis! Stay in your lane and run your own race. The only competition you have is you! Envy kills more dreams than it keeps them alive. You stay in this ever spiralling rut because you feel like you are not doing much with your life. Comparison is the thief of joy and progress. When you love yourself you are not envious of someone else’s life, you are content with yours because you know you are bettering yourself daily. Do not be fooled on social media please most of those people you envy do not even have half of your peace.

The Bible goes on to say love does not boast and it is not proud. Being boastful is not good you end up being arrogant and proud. This results in belittling others and seeing others as unworthy. We are all equal in the eyes of God! It does not matter if you drive a mazarati or have a bicycle. Your worth is the same and you need to know that. When u are in love with yourself your worth does not come from materialistic stuff it comes from within. That of a calm and quiet spirit! You cannot find your value in belittling others, that is not love that is hate. The Bible then says love does not dishonour others. Dishonesty never gets you anywhere especially with yourself. Do you honour yourself by being honest with yourself? We are dishonest with our feelings most of the time. We live in denial and tend to sweep a lot of the things under the carpet. Why though? Because we do not love ourselves. Dishouniring others is also a huge reflection of how you see yourself as an individual. The Bible goes on to say love is not easily angered and it keeps not record of wrongs.

We are angry at ourselves for failing that test, failing that job interview, disappointing our parents, letting our children down. We keep all records of wrong because it is in our nature to crucify ourselves due to our wrong doings. That’s how we are! We are unforgiving by nature. When we do not forgive ourselves it leads to self-sabotage we begin to unconsciously punish ourselves because we feel we deserve to be punished for our past. This is not healthy at all! It leads to attracting negative situations and relationships in our lives that we could have avoided if only we loved ourselves enough to let go of our past mess. This is crucial in building a positive lifestyle and it all begins with forgiveness. Forgive yourself honey. It may not happen overnight but that decision you take to allow yourself to have a second chance at life is a huge step in the right direction. And you will see yourself attracting better situations and people in your dear life. The Bible says love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Are you true to yourself? Most of us aren’t we love being copies of other people because it feels easier to do so. We forget how unique and authentic we are because we do not want be viewed as queer or weird.


Lastly the Bible emphasizes on what love always does. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, above all love never fails! Let’s start with love always protects. Are you protective with yourself? Do you protect yourself from evil? Do you protect your peace? Do you protect yourself from bad boys? Do you protect yourself from bad friends? All of these answers show if you love yourself unconditionally. Sometimes we forget to protect ourselves from harms way. We walk directly towards danger! Protect yourself guys. Learn to say no often to people and situations that do not benefit you in any way. You are responsible for your own peace of mind protect your heart guard it jealously. It’s all you have! Protect protect protect! Love always trusts. Do you trust yourself? We tend to trust others more than ourselves especially when it comes to happiness. We trust other people to make us happy. It should not be like that, happiness is a choice and it solely belongs to you. Love always hopes. Are you hopeful? Some of us have lost hope in ourselves a long time ago due to our past transgressions. Be hopeful. Have hope in yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities! You are a masterpiece my guy! Do not loose hope in the face of adversity be strong and of great character. That is how you show yourself love. Persevere in love, never give up on yourself remember that you are a work in progress. And if you can remember one thing from this blog post remember this LOVE NEVER FAILS! I really hope you got one or two or all of the self-love lessons I shared and be sure to practice it daily and never give up on yourself. Until we chat again remember to love yourself and know that you are number one! Love you guys stay loved!


Show by raising your hands…

It has been a long time since I posted something here, and I want to start by apologizing for robbing you of your joy. The end of 2018 was a handful of events I was in hospital for a minute and things were just all over the place. I thank God I recovered well and now I am able to write again. Enough of the misfortunes of last year right!

As you can tell by the title of this blog a story is about to be devoured. So this article is all about friendships the whole 9 yards. For the longest time since kindergarten I struggled to make close friends because I was known as a “floater” (someone who has many friends across all given borders). I wasn’t necessarily a cool kid but sometimes I hung out with them and other times with the not so cool kids. I was a floater, I liked it because it enabled me to not invest much emotions in friendships. I hardly got hurt because I never spent too much time with one gang. This habit continued in high school and it made so much sense because that’s when the mean girls erupted. It saved me from a lot of girl fights and I never really had a best friend. I was just cool with everyone.

Fast forward to Uni that’s when I met my match lol.I collided into my now best friend when I was in first year. Years went by and we were just cool friends with a lot of side pieces whom we called close friends. In the midst of this grand friendship I met another friend through my ex lover and we vibed. When I got pregnant we still kept in touch and hung out even after my baby was born. To be honest I think my son was the one who made me transcend from being a floater to becoming someone close to somebody. I all of a sudden felt the edge to confide in someone and be close to that person. I was literally there for them in every way possible and I took matters in my own hands and made her my best.

Little did I know the script was flipped because to her I wasn’t that special, well special enough to be her  best friend. My eyes welled up when I had my aha moment that is when I figured I wasn’t that special to her. You know I would make efforts to meet up with her, have dates with her, I mean be a true friend. But she was just reluctant and I was hurt but I had to move on and find greener pastures. The point of this story is for you to be able to relate to my shortcomings.

During the heartbreaking space I was in I found myself getting closer to my now best friend. She was such a pillar of strength at that time and she was such a great role model. She still is! I call her my phenomenal woman my super sister. We met in Uni but we were not that close because of the other people that were in our lives at that time. Fast forward to finishing uni that’s when our stars really collided. Although we are borders apart we make the effort to communicate effectively.


Super sister a.k.a Bessfffffwwwweend

Ladies and gentlemen let me tell you one good thing that you should never forget. If someone wants to be in your life they will make an effort to be in it regardless of space and time. This applies also in relationships. I will be 26 on Friday and to be honest I genuinely do not have the energy to beg people to stay in my life. If they want to they will show by raising their hands. By raising their hands I simply mean by making an effort to connect with you, see how you are doing, they value your attention, they want to see you win. Lastly they are practically involved in your life and they make you realise how blessed you are not only to have them in your life but also vice versa.

2019 has to be a year that we all level up in all areas of our lives. My favorite saying which says ” show me your friends and I will tell you your character”. This quote is weighty it carries a lot of value because it is a true reflection of who you are as an individual. Let’s make 2019 our best year ever. I love you guys and thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to reading and sharing my blogs. Till next time, stay in the light and be forever woke!

Cursed blessing: A short story

Curse and a blessing
Being beautiful has its pros and cons for sure especially in my case it has seemingly gotten me into more trouble. I am a beautiful African woman who has experienced both worlds of being showered with praise for my rare beauty but also have been cursed by the world for making men of all kinds want to marry me. My beautiful round full lips, my English nose, my thick thighs, my full butt and brown skin are my true blessings that have made me gain so much confidence in the way I present myself to the public. I was raised by my single dad who was extremely protective, he was the first man who told me how beautiful I was and how sometimes it is a curse to the world. I believed him because I did not know any other truth and I became egotistic no one had the power to tell me otherwise. Looking back I should have been more humble and let love lead. As if the universe was punishing me for my beauty I fell in love with a married man who resembled my late father in so many ways.
He was the true duplicate of him but a lot younger than my father of course. I first laid my eyes on him when I was Havana dancing at a local restaurant. He was not wearing a wedding band so I literally sighed for relief. I was enticed by his black tux that looked smoldering hot on him. Yes I love me a man who can dress well and smells mighty fine. He was all the things I looked for in a man successful rich tall handsome and very confident (such a turn on). “I could not help but stare at you sir,” I said confidently. I had to approach this rare breed I was swept away by his charisma. He was chuffed with the way I presented myself to him. “You possess a lot of confidence ma’am and that is very intriguing I must say,” he said smiling at me. This guy had dimples and sparkling eyes that were speaking volumes to me. I was super excited and I could not help but twirl around the table. I decided to leave him wanting me and I excused myself and I went to my car. Guess what? He followed me running breathless as he followed my shadow. He held my shoulder I was secretly smiling inside but my facial expression was that of someone who was startled. “I see you have bad manners, you never got to introduce yourself to me and I would love to take you for dinner sometime,” he said gently holding my left hand. I was super happy inside but my dad taught me better to always play hard to get. “Which is which? Its either I introduce myself or answer if I want to go out with you sometime,” I said with a grin. He had a hearty laugh and laughed so hard saying, “Please answer the latter ma’am,” I took his IPhone 7s that was in his hand of which surprisingly it did not have a password. This was just the universe showing me signs that I had finally found the man of my dreams. I put my number in his phone smiling at his gaze.

To be continued…

Thank you all for  your unwavering support stay tuned for part 2.

When a King dies…

I am terribly sorry for the silence my life has been going in spirals lately. But I am happy to always this I am a survivor and God has been so unbelievably kind to my beautiful soul. I recently lost my beloved father over a month ago. My tears are still running and my heart is still broken. It is all a nightmare to me and in between writing this blog I break down and cry because it hurts and stings at the same time. I honestly don’t know how to deal with grief; I am in an unfamiliar land. I really don’t know how to pick myself up from this place I am not even sure if I want to. My dad was the first man I truly loved and having him around made me feel safe and loved. But now that he is gone my life feels a lot empty with a hiss of great loss. I feel numb lately and I am terrified that this could trigger the anxiety and depression that I once had. I don’t desire whatsoever to go back into that God forsaken pit. I have lost a hero, my hero a true king, my king. He always reminded me of my roots and how beautiful I am. I learnt of my own beauty by seeing it through his amicable eyes.


He taught me what love is through his actions. He was generous and kind and he sought to see the best in people.  Of course he had his flaws, but who doesn’t?  He was a shaky parent to toddlers but an amazing father to young adults and adults. As they say like fine wine he matured through the years. As I grew older we got closer and closer and our relationship blossomed into a beautiful flower. I really miss my dad I really do. It hurts so bad typing this but hey I have to, simply because you guys are family my family. You have been so unbelievably supportive through my life journey and I am forever grateful. We shared a lot with my dad and that includes our birthday month February we are literally 3 days apart and the cherry on top is that they share the same birthday with my dear son. How fabulous is that? Talk about destiny! Each time I look at my son I smile because I know that he is an extension of my father’s legacy. The passing of my dad has certainly brought us closer as a family. We cry together, we laugh together; we are more united as one big family because he left an indispensable asset called L.O.V.E.


My prayer now is that we as a family can be able to stick together like glue in good and bad times because that is what families do. Before he died he emphasized on the truthful practice of selflessness and love. He said we should love each other in spite of ourselves. Now I totally understand what they meant when they said, “it’s not what you leave for your children that matters, it’s what you leave in them that matters.” My dad left us gold mines of wisdom that will surpass the end of time and my son is one lucky child to have such a rich mum. The nice part is that you guys can also benefit from this wealthy mother hahaha I always share with you my wisdom nuggets. So now you know one of the main sources of my intelligence. I love you guys I really do and don’t forget to spread the love.  Till we chat again I pray that this grief will make me a way better person even though I am hurting.

Dysfunctional addict…

He crawls into my bed every night curling his body next to mine accompanied by his heavy breathing
He breathes into my neck gently kissing my ear
The Lord knows that i know that he is not good for me
He is a liar a cheater a dishonest disloyal man
But here i am with my stupid self laying in his bed
Pretending not to care about my own reality

I was addicted to his lying scent it made me high
I wanted it i yearned for all his disloyalty
Every time i found out about his shenanigans it made me lust for him more and more
Yes i was painfully addicted to him
I fooled myself each day walking head held high believing  my foolish mantra that he would change
Foolish me!

Waking up to the reality that men like him don’t change threw me off a cliff
Every time he came home with a bag full of lies i welcomed him with loving arms
No not your conventional love no no
I loved him with my type of love the deceitful kind
I lusted to kill that man i wanted to kill him so bad
Kill him with my words shoot him dead with my confrontations and leave him stone cold dead with my permanent departure
But i never had the courage to leave then because that is what addicts do
Some never find their way back home some do and those that do will realize that home was always you!

Hey beautiful people. I wrote a piece recently called Dysfunctional addict. Enjoy reading it and don’t be afraid to relate to it. Your dysfunctional addiction may be clothed as a situation, a place, a thing or whatever it is. I embodied a human form but it can be anything. Enjoy reading and don’t be afraid to like and share. Love you guys take care!

My G.B.V story…

OXFAM Proposal

The day I lost my senses was the day I became aware of my purpose. I was insanely sane but I was triggered to react in a very awful hostile manner to my then lover. He was tall pretty dark chocolaty to be precise and very charming. We dated for a couple of months almost a year. Things were going on great I was even introduced to his important family members and that made me feel wanted. It was at this time that I became comfortable and I had willingly sunk in the comfort zone of his tender black arms. His eyes mesmerized me each and every time I looked at him they had this innocent sparkle that was untraceable. I was in love guys and I was so convinced that he was my husband and we were going to spend eternity together. Fast forward to the day he laid his dirty hands on me. This day still leaves me speechless and in tears because he took what was mine that is my innocence. I was so wrapped in his lies that I could not see them seething behind his treacherous tongue. I bought all of them and I mean all of them all. Looking back now I see that I was so blindfolded by his so called love that I ignored all the warning signs.

On a sunny morning in Kariba during our summer camp he woke up on the wrong side of the sleeping bag and he was unrecognizably moody. I asked him what was wrong and he snapped at me giving me an awkward look of annoyance. Immediately being the stupid in love naïve me I began blaming myself thinking that I had done something wrong. I decided to take a walk in order to give him space to cool down in the back of my head I was recapping the moments that we had last. In my eyes I could not pick anything that I had done wrong I was nothing but a good girlfriend. Good girlfriend my foot that was the shit that got me into trouble. I was too nice too giving too available too needy too everything. He took advantage of this and became a monster that was now concerned in squeezing the life out of me. I walked back to our tent to find him taking a shower alone at the nearby lodge, this troubled me further because we always took showers together. He came back wet dripping water and that made me want to grab him and kiss him. As I reached for him he pushed me to the floor saying that I should not touch him with my filthy hands. I was beyond shook I was traumatized because that push made me bruise my left knee. ‘Kennedy what is the matter?’ I asked squeamishly. ‘You make me sick!’ he shouted.

Now my head was spinning my vision became blurry and my knees started shaking. He looked pale with anger he turned into this monster that I could hardly recognize. I wanted to run really fast but my feet would not move they were just numb and seemingly stuck in the sand. He grabbed me aggressively arm twisting me literally, I screamed for help then he covered my mouth with his drying towel leaving him butt naked. He called me a bitch and slapped the living daylights out of me. He accused me of having an affair with one of my co-workers. He said he had evidence that we were sleeping together. I was now feeling dizzy and I could not process his words in my numb brain. He beat me up so bad that he wanted to bury me in the sand. To this very moment reliving that experience makes me both angry and sad because he could have killed me. I am a survivor of the worst brutality I was innocent of his accusations yet he wanted to kill me. I was not having an affair with a married man that I work with, I was fully committed to Kennedy. But he did not see it he saw a stupid girl who followed him sheepishly and who had no backbone at all.

I later found out that he cheated on me numerous times even with his so called best friend. Finding out all these things stung so much that I sunk into a depressive hole that was filled with drugs and alcohol. He broke my spirit he took my innocence he took everything from me I was left for dead. Yes, I am a survivor and I have scars to prove how I won my battle. Guys gender based violence is real and it can happen inside our homes and outside our very doorstep. How can a man that I loved hurt me so bad physically? Zvinofamba sei? (how does it work). He lied when he said he loved me and would never do anything to hurt me. I became a laughing stock, instead of my close friends helping me they shut their doors in my face. Life became a living nightmare and I was living in the shadows of my own consequences of loving a man who is a coward.  I can only speak for myself and never for everyone else. This is my survival story and I am glad I survived it all. It’s now easy for me to sleep at night knowing that my perpetrator is safe and sound behind bars. I thank him for directing me to my purpose of advocating against Gender based Violence (GBV) in a radical way. I feel wholesome when I am standing up for my sisters that have been bruised and abused by these no good for nothing sorry excuse of men. Till we journey again in my next post I love you guys and stay woke.

Human Object


I am human I see, half human they see
You objectify me with your lustful eyes
Both men and women have the same vision
I see a whole woman You see a whole thing

My eyes mirror a different reflection
A reflection of what I desire to be
You thingify me with your words
Your diction pierces through my heart
I am human I say but you see an object

My ancestors value my humanity                                                                                                  because it is in them that I find my true identity
They see a picture perfect human
You are close enough to wound me

I watch you objectify my presence
I am not here for long so yes I deserve to be valued
Do you not see the thing in you? They ask
No! I answer I see a wholesome woman
An edified strong unconquered woman

They have turned me into a perception of a perception a thing of a thing
I own myself and at any price may I gather the pieces that make me whole
My flaws, my imperfections and above all my insane love for self

You may call me broken, battered, bruised and wounded
Yet with all my brokenness it has become a place I call home
I have become stronger in my broken places

A thing they see
A whole being I see
I laugh harder at their interpretation of me now
Because I see myself as forever whole in the presence of their interpretations.


Sometimes life gets a bit overwhelming when people see you as less of a human and more of a thing. Its such a sad reality that people are now using people rather than using things. I wrote this piece as a reflection of what people do to people objectifying them belittling them and fitting them into a box. It hurts to know that the people that are close to us are the ones that are using us to their own advantage. Knowing your worth is important in any setting wear your crown everyday and don’t let anyone enslave you! Happy reading.